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Acquire Technology That Is Interoperable with Assistive Technology Devices

The infrastructure section of the CITES framework is undergoing the Knowledge Development Process. The content on these pages is a place holder while we research best practices, exemplars and potential resources.

Inclusive, accessible technologies are designed to be directly usable without assistive technology or made usable with assistive technology. When the options designed into technology hardware and software are not enough to enable a student with disabilities to perceive, interact with, and learn from the technology, interoperability with the assistive technologies that meet the student’s individual needs is critical.

Device interoperability is an important component of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which generally apply to digital content whether web-based or local. Device interoperability means that information can be sent to and received from an array of devices including assistive technologies such as web browsers, screen readers, and other accessibility tools.


Robust: Ensure compatibility (AEM Center at CAST)

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