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Develop a Strategic Technology Implementation Plan

A strategic technology implementation plan puts your community vision into practice by creating goals and objectives that align with the vision. A district’s strategic plan for technology has goals, objectives and actions for synergizing assistive technology, educational technology, and information technology. Leaders ensure that stakeholders are involved in all areas of plan development including technology funding, decision-making for the selection and acquisition, classroom technology integration, and maintenance of technology.

A strategic plan that leads to equitable use and a balanced technology ecosystem can benefit by making intentional connections across organizational boundaries. For example, uniting with state AT programs or AEM state coordinators can help create systems that take advantage of existing technology expertise and resources.


Facilitating Technology Implementation: Strategic Planning for AT Specialists and Administrators (PowerUp What Works)

Future Ready District Technology Assessment (Future Ready Schools)

Empowered Superintendents Toolkit (Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)) 

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