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Leadership in Inclusive Technology Systems

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Effective technology leadership promotes the development of a balanced and inclusive technology infrastructure that examines assistive technology (AT), educational technology (EdTech), and information technology (IT) as part of a technology ecosystem.

CITES has utilized a design-thinking process, in partnership with local districts, to refine a set of leadership practices that enhance the development of a balanced and inclusive technology infrastructure.

CITES leadership practices include:

How do district leaders create an inclusive technology ecosystem?

Learn how to systematically begin the process of creating and sustaining an inclusive technology ecosystem using the CITES Framework.  The CITES leadership practices can be approached step by step, or as a “just-in-time” resource that focuses on specific areas most needed in the district.

Download the CITES Framework Field Guide for Leadership

Print the Leadership Practices Self-Assessment All-in-One Guide (PDF)

Alternative version: Leadership Practices Self-Assessment Tool All-in-One (MS Word)

Illustration of people working together along with photos from Tomball, TX and Columbus, IN

Technology Leadership in Practice

Commitment to a collaborative leadership process involving a diverse group of stakeholders is the first step to building an inclusive technology ecosystem in your district.

Download and read BCSC's story | Columbus, IN

Download and read TISD's story | Tomball, TX

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