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Leadership in Inclusive Technology Systems

Effective technology leadership promotes the development of a balanced and inclusive technology infrastructure that examines assistive technology (AT), educational technology (EdTech), and information technology (IT) as part of a technology ecosystem.

CITES has utilized a design-thinking process, in partnership with local districts, to refine a set of leadership practices that enhance the development of a balanced and inclusive technology system.

The leadership practices, when implemented, ensure that access to inclusive technology is built into the decision-making processes at the highest levels of a school district. A cross-discipline district leadership team will work together to establish and implement a shared vision of inclusive technology as it relates to their current and future priorities.

CITES leadership practices include:

The CITES leadership practices can be approached step by step, or as a “just-in-time” resource to focus on specific areas.

Investigate District Leadership Practices

Watch this video to take the first step toward designing inclusive ecosystems by defining inclusive technology. Visit the rest of our video series: Building a Foundation for Inclusive Technology Systems.

Grab your team and get started with the CITES Self-Assessment: Leadership Practices

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