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Teaching in Inclusive Technology Systems

To help educators grow and learn, districts provide opportunities aligned with their roles. This supports the district's vision for inclusive technology. When districts set expectations for educators to create learner-centered experiences using technology, including accessible educational materials (AEM) and assistive technologies (AT), they meet the needs of all students. District teams can create professional learning opportunities to support this work.

CITES teaching practices include:

The CITES teaching practices can be approached step by step, or as a “just-in-time” resource to focus on specific areas.

Investigate District Teaching Practices

Designing accessible learning experiences using technology starts with an inclusive mindset. Use this video to begin to cultivate a culture of inclusive practices. Visit our video series: Building a Foundation for Inclusive Technology Systems.

Grab your team and get started with the CITES Self-Assessment: Teaching Practices

Learn from Our Partners

Collage of photos and illustrations depicting teaching across different contexts

Download our Literature Review on Teaching, Learning, & Assessment Practices for Inclusive Technology Systems

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