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Framing the Future of Learning with Technology

What works when bringing together education technology (EdTech), information technology (InfoTech) and assistive technology (AT) for students with disabilities? CITES, the Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems at CAST, partners with school districts from across the country to answer that question. What we learn informs the development of the CITES Framework of evidence-based practices for creating and sustaining inclusive technology ecosystems in school districts.

What's New?

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CITES Framework Field Guide for Leadership

Build effective leadership structures that promote inclusive technology and education systems with our new downloadable guide.

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Teaching Stories

Visit the Teaching section of our website to learn how our partner districts optimized systems that support teaching with inclusive technology.

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Learn more about the CITES Framework as it develops by visiting our upcoming webinars and presentations and archived resources. 

Technology supports access to learning.

The CITES Framework offers district leaders the opportunity to collaborate so that all learners with disabilities have the supports, scaffolds, and tools to be and feel successful.

Explore the CITES Framework

The CITES website is designed to help districts implement the CITES Framework. The work can be approached in a linear, step-by-step process beginning with Leadership and progressing through each practice.  Or use the Framework as a “just-in-time” resource to focus on specific CITES practices most needed in the district. Learn more about the CITES Framework development process.

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Creating a culture and conditions for innovation and change 

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Enabling access and effective use 

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Teaching with technology

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Engaging & empowering learning through technology

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Measuring learning

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As the CITES Framework develops over time, so will our website. Visit often and stay informed by following CAST on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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