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Community of Practice

CITES Community of Practice (CoP) works to mobilize professionals interested in developing and sustaining inclusive technology and education systems as part of a cross-discipline, collaborative group of professionals. The collective is focused on sharing knowledge and experiences; problem-solving barriers; documenting lessons learned; and celebrating successes. All are welcome!

Who should join?

We've had district Chief Technology Officers, Directors of Instructional Technology, AT Specialists, Teacher Librarians, Instructional and EdTech Coaches, and even parents participate. The bottom line is: if you are interested in supporting inclusive education with technology, then this is a group for you.

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Join the Community

Mark your calendars! The first CITES Community of Practice convening for the 2024–25 school year is Tuesday, September 10th, 2024. See you there!

Register for the 2024–2025 CoP Convening dates

Structures for Collaborating 

  • Bi-Monthly Convenings: These convenings allow professionals to gather for 60 minutes via Zoom. The CoP members work to identify common areas of focus that are aligned to the CITES Framework. The CITES team facilitates these meetings but ultimately participates as members of the CoP. The CoP Discussion Notes serve as a space for collaborative notetaking and resource-sharing. Each CoP convening is recorded and linked on the Discussion Notes. 
  • Private Slack Channel: CoP members can join a private Slack Channel. Slack is an enhanced messaging system. The CITES CoP can connect with the CITES team at CAST, the CITES Framework Development District teams, and the rest of the CITES CoP instantly through group or private channels. Joining the CoP is worth the time simply to have instant access to so many amazing professionals in one place.

Build Background

Icons representing the CITES Framework

Framework Development Process

Learn how the CITES Framework is being developed.

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Implementing Leadership Practices

Review the Leadership Field Guide webinar to learn more about how to use the CITES website and resources to support your work.

3:00PM – 4:30PM ET on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

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Blog Posts


Explore the concepts in the blog series on our Resources page: What do leaders need to know about inclusive technology systems?

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