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Design Accessible Formative Assessments

Educators often develop and imbed frequent checks for understanding in their instruction, such as quizzes and other formative assessment activities. Even with teacher created formative assessments, it is essential to think about usability, inclusiveness, and accessibility for all students. Creating accessible content and selecting tools that meet accessibility standards helps educators to ensure a non-biased and equitable measure of learning. Visit the National AEM Center at CAST for more information on how to create accessible content.

The Center for Inclusive Technology in Education Systems (CITES) uses an iterative design-thinking process, in partnership with local districts, to identify and refine a set of promising practices that enhance assessments within an inclusive technology ecosystem.

Actions educators can take to design inclusive and accessible assessments include:

  • Select formative assessment tools (e.g., apps or software) that are accessible to all students including students who use AT.
  • Learn how to create accessible content when developing formative assessments.
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