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Students Actively Engage with Learning

Creating flexible, accessible, collaborative, and relevant learning opportunities for students will help them increase their engagement with the learning process. Learner persistence and engagement can considerably enhance learning (Visible Learning, 2020). Using technology can help learners increase their active engagement.

To guide each to student to be the best learner they can be requires keeping the learner at the center of the learning design process. Technology, when intentionally considered in the design, can help students make progress toward their learning goals and lower unnecessary barriers so students can express what they know and are able to do.

The Center for Inclusive Technology in Education Systems (CITES) uses an iterative design-thinking process, in partnership with local districts, to identify and refine a set of learning practices visible in an inclusive technology ecosystem.

When learners are actively engaged, they:

  • Use technology to make progress toward learning goals.
  • Express what they know and can do.
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