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Family members are essential to every part of inclusive technology systems. Effective family partnerships require two-way communication and commitment from families, educators, and education leaders. Read on to learn questions families can ask and actions they can take to contribute to inclusive technology and education systems.

Questions for Education Leaders

Questions for Educators

Actions Family Members Can Take

  • Join family organizations, such as the Parent Teacher Association, to collaborate with professionals and policymakers for improved learner outcomes through technology.
  • If needed, ask for extra time in meetings to allow for complete understanding.
  • Request for communications to be made available in multiple languages using simple, non-technical language with alt text on images.
  • Use the district-provided parent app or portal to stay informed about district technology updates and communicate with educators and education leaders.
  • Provide information to technology staff about your learner's accessibility and assistive technology needs to personalize their technology devices.
  • Actively participate in IEP and 504 plan meetings to advocate for the supports, technologies, and accommodations your learner needs.
  • Volunteer to help with digital learning activities.
  • Share your family’s cultural perspectives and unique abilities with educators to inform personalized and culturally relevant learning experiences.
  • Share your learner's technology interests and learning activities outside of the classroom with classroom educators.
  • Attend school events and workshops to engage in learning with your learner.
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