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Get Started

Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.

Simon Sinek

Sometimes the hardest part of making change is getting started. The CITES framework offers districts a step-by-step process for identifying and removing any barriers to student or staff success caused by learning disabilities by planning for and implementing inclusive technology practices. The process requires a coordinated effort by district teams to move forward seamlessly with the framework and its practices.

To get started with the terms and concepts we use throughout the CITES framework, visit our Glossary.

Get started practices include:

  • Proposing the implementation of the CITES framework to district leadership.
  • Determining roles and responsibilities.
  • Schedule for success.
  • Exploring the CITES framework as a team.

Propose use of the CITES framework to the district executive leadership team.

  • Communicate the ‘why’ of inclusive technology.
  • Estimate resource allocations. 
  • Establish connections to the diversity, equity, and inclusion work in the district.
  • Establish connections to other district accountability initiatives.

Determine important roles and responsibilities.

  • Identify an Executive Team Sponsor.
  • Identify a project leader or co-leaders with regular time allocated to this work.
  • Identify core team members (district leaders from AT, IT, EdTech, Curriculum) 
  • Identify leadership/advisory team members (core team plus, teacher, parent, principal, community partners, OT/PT service providers). Read more about the leadership team under the leadership practices when creating a community-wide vision and aligned goals.

Schedule for success.

  • Set up regularly scheduled meetings for core team members (minimum of bi-weekly).
  • Set up check-ins between project coordinator and executive level sponsor/s.
  • Provide annual reports to the executive leadership team.

Explore CITES.

  1. Review the Leadership Practices online, complete the Leadership Self Assessment with your team, dig into the Leadership Field Guide to support implementation planning.
  2. Next, Review the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment practices and complete the self-assessments in those areas to guide potential areas of focus based on your self-assessments and district needs.
  3. Listen to the Creating A Framework For Inclusive Technology, Part 1 of CoSN/CITES Podcast to gain insight regarding CITES and the implementation process. guests discuss inclusive technology practices, collaboration, investment in educational accessibility, and implementing the CITES framework.
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