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Leadership Creates the Conditions for Inclusive Technology


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

9:00AM – 1:30PM ET

Closing the Gap 2020 Virtual Conference

Janet Peters, Joy Zabala, and Rachell Johnson

Conference Attendees


We have learned through the COVID-19 crisis that technology planning really matters! Districts with an eye towards inclusive technology systems before the pandemic were able to adapt and pivot to emergency remote learning with at least some level of success for students with disabilities. This session will help participants understand the role leadership practices and technology planning play to provide inclusive education, especially when navigating unknowns. We will use examples from a CITES District to demonstrate how assistive technology and accessible technology language can codify a systemic approach of AT, EdTech, and InfoTech working together for the benefit of students. There will be a group discussion to share strategies on ways for AT to influence and contribute to district level technology planning.

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