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Engaging Families as Partners in the Digital Learning Process


Monday, July 18 – Friday, July 22, 2022

This was a pre-recorded presentation.

2022 OSEP Leadership & Project Directors' Conference

Christine Fox and Angel Morgan, CAST

Conference Attendees


This session addresses the Secretary’s priority area, Promoting Equity in Student Access to Educational Resources, Opportunities and Welcoming Environments. The Center for Inclusive Technology Education Systems (CITES at CAST is creating and disseminating a framework of evidence-based practices to help instructional technology and assistive technology programs at local education agencies work together to enhance the use of technology to support all students’ success. The Center also provides technical assistance to local education agencies, educators, and families to ensure that students with disabilities can use the technology tools they need to foster learning and life success. Family engagement is critical to student success and is an essential component to the CITES framework.  

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